DIY Glitter iPhone Charger

As a dedicated Pinterest user, I am always seeing glittered iPhone chargers. Instead of dealing with the hassle of using loose glitter, modge podge and a brush (like this one) I found this nifty glitter tape at Michael’s Craft Store.


Seriously, it is some awesome stuff. Not only is it my favorite color, and glittery, it is an adhesive tape so it is SUPER easy to work with, and there is little fallout. 

All you will need for this project is glitter adhesive tape (any color you prefer!), scissors and a pencil. Oh! You will also need whatever you are adhering the tape to. 

I started out by measuring the height of my charger.


Then, I traced a line on the top, marking where I would cut across with my scissors.


Next, you cut along the line. I recommend cutting a little bit more than needed, this way there is overlap, rather than a gap. Now, you just peel off the paper backing… 


Wrap your plug, and ta-da! 


After seeing how easy this process was, I admit I went a little bit glitter-crazy! I did the cord of my charger, both the USB side and the iPhone port side. Here’s the final product! 


This was a super easy craft, that I think anyone could do! 

Difficulty rating: 2/10 (10 being the hardest, of course!)

Happy crafting!