DIY Ring and Jewelry Holder

Happy Earth Day!

I was inspired by recycling (and recently ran out of my favorite face wipes), so I decided to reuse and repurpose some things laying around my room.

Taking the container, I decided to make a little box that I can put knick-knacks in!

All you need is:

  • a container
  • some kind of adhesive tape (duct tape, washi tape, masking tape) — I used the left over glitter paper from my first craft!
  • a sharpie


First thing I did was take off the label. Once I had removed that, I covered it with the glitter adhesive!


And on top I decided to write a cute little quote using a sharpie!


And here is the final product!


All in all, I am super excited with how this turned out!

I think any kind of jar or container like this really spruces up a boring desk.

Rating: 1/10 – the easiest project to date!




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